fast breakfast quotes
tea. a rather peaceful still life (dutch) enfolds itself in front of the spectatorís eyeball. cheddar, said sponge, and sandwich spread. herr brekst sat on a chair, and so did sponge; breadroll and block of wood were nowhere to be seen. neither is there any other reason, he said. they went ahead. sponge always had seen himself as an adventurer and explorer, ready and willing to seek out and explore the most remote areas, but never before had this dream included the exploration of pluto and the alpha centauri region. he felt ready now to take up the struggle and go on that very journey, to leave. butter he said, said sponge. ah, forget about the flakes will you, said sponge, they're harmless. twas just a scare after all. let's hurry now. no further questions, said sponge, i thank you very much, good bye. who placed the spreadsheet there so unevenly, said breadroll. breadroll, sponge and block of wood asked to be mentioned. favour granted. a-well, said sponge, we should be waiting a bit longer as the want us to do more editing. i said we could and do our best. excellent progress, said block of wood. exactly, said sponge, the jam impact, the ham exposure. thatís not what you said, said breadroll. what, said breadroll. so, are we facing an exciting challenge then, said breadroll. i go for the tea then, said block of wood. and? everybody in good form, said sponge. shouldn't it be agreed on as well, said sponge. let get excited, said block of wood. not exampled as such, said breadroll. we are brilliant with the old paper clip, said breadroll. they canít, said breadroll, it all printed. oh that, said breadroll, well, we did not agree because we cannot. meanwhile the sun was illuminating the room.

fast breakfast quotes
there has to be an end to this, sponge said and continued, bloody soli, yea thatís how youíre meant to call them, soli. not solos or the likes, know what i am talking about. soli. we have a culture going on here. oh really. riiiiiitiiiiiiii kok utuul waaaaah. agreed, said block of wood. it seems to be gone. exactly, said sponge, on the policy. block of wood stuffed some cheese into breadroll who complained about the the particular brand used. i think so, too, he said. and what about butter? is there any butter, could you pass the butter, said breadroll. breadroll carefully and very diligently chewed a piece of bun until it was mere pulp in his mouth, sweet and creamy by the way but not quite as creamy as the cocktail, cheese i tellya that cock lost its tail for a reason, bench, the item they had not heard of in a while had consumed the other night, and spat. with coleslaw, said block of wood. ah, turnip, said block of wood, thatís a novelty. herr brekst: breadroll? now, said sponge, we are almost there. they agreed that this was a rather unusual and uncomely remark that should have been discussed with the team. block of wood had a sip. whether anyone wanted tea, he asked. i'm finished, i'm waiting, said sponge. it'll be a short week, said sponge, i reckon i'll do the old wet-myself-and-have-people-sit-on-me trick. feathers, said breadroll. positive. brief pause. sponge, breadroll and block of wood used the break wisely by pouring tea into previously prepared cups. there has to be an end to this, sponge said and continued, bloody soli, yea thatís how youíre meant to call them, soli. not solos or the likes, know what i am talking about. soli. we have a culture going on here. man 1 and man 2 thought long and hard what to do. that's a terribly depressing ida, said block of wood. a fine observation. no it is not said block of wood. that's what i'm asking, said breadroll.

fast breakfast quotes
gosh we have a meeting today, said block of wood. (on stage; a summary (query: why is the title not Ďa summaryí? answer: it refers only to the first few lines); stage bare, 3 chairs.) block of wood and sponge smirk in the corner. or in the bus. once they're open, said sponge, we have some tea. bottom line is, said sponge, weíre still stuck here at this corner. well, actually, sponge said, there is no plan. we have to make one first. does it, said breadroll, o dear. something gave sponge the impression that a productive conversation would not take place today. anything special on the agenda, he said. what, said breadroll. now, said sponge, which is who? which expression of astonishment should be attributed to which character, as in character of the story, as opposed to character in an alphabetical context. i am the walrus, said the eggman. whatís the hammer for, said block of wood. tomorrow, said sponge, i heard something in that direction. then again, i could be terribly wrong, my ears are asymmetrical. the instructions in this respect are rather unclear. yes, said breadroll, a phone call. for you as well. cannot wait to see the jolly bunch, the singer and the insects. there will be jam in the meetings and cheese talks. pale blue shirts shall be scared off by raspberry stains. that fella. fatherse, said block of wood, as some people say. today i make a wet sponge fill the office instead of myself. i make the sponge sit on my chair and wait for me to sit on it. really. thatís something we need to address, the man said and walked away. would you like another sheep, the man said, or at least a ewe stand to put it on? what, said breadroll. bottom line is, said sponge, weíre still stuck here at this corner. did you know where he had been, said sponge. we could do with some brutality to sex it up, said blokk.