fast breakfast quotes
they went ahead. i see, said block of wood, tea anyone? riiiiiitiiiiiiii kok utuul waaaaah. exactly, said block of wood, he took no shit from anyone, particularily not a spreadsheet. that's because of the alphabet, said sponge. the three had made a move around the corner. the sun illuminated repeated reiterations in almost perpetual loops. and why is that happening now, said breadroll. didníy you read the memo, said breadroll. let's play golf, blokk said and hit breadroll against the wall with a 7 wood. what, said sponge. we are at the right place and it is the right day, said sponge. calm. that's not nice, said breadroll. that, said block of wood. no. the day started anemically. i take it that you donít need the sheep then, the man said. seems true, said sponge. no. an egg was chasing down the road, followed by blokk who had a red hot ironing iron and a grey hat, breadroll equipped with oily pan and extractor fan, and sponge holding salt, pepper and malt for seasoning. could you pass me the butter, please, said breadroll. yeah, was great. block of wood: so, my story now. itís educational. (things like this can go on forever; we skip bits about driveling idiots and fastforward until we hear sponge saying: ah-go on, just do it). that's good, said blokk and knocked breadroll over with a blow of utmost brutality. o dear, said breadroll, and all that with this big huge unresolved issue on our backs.

fast breakfast quotes
i think you can imagine how we are waiting, said block of wood, it has some business impact at this stage. and, said sponge, what now? well, that bowl is actually a shaving bowl. silence. one way or another to end a story. not yet defined, i should say, said breadroll. what are we going to do today? exactly, said sponge, on the policy. every day, said breadroll. to cut a long story short, said sponge, i shall omit the punchline. are you sure it is the ban on motion, said breadroll, that keeps us from moving. we manage to do without, said breadroll, thatís just us, mind you. i did leave you some items, he said. positive. tequila and all, said sponge, it's the may holiday. all that should be involved. prudently. where are the days when we used to frogmarch and chase eachother and be sat on? gone. outsourced. finito. as they are a maturity, said breadroll. do we get to sit on our chairs as well? yesterday i made a wet sponge go into work rather than myself. i made the sponge sit on my chair and wait for me to sit on it. he did, said sponge. inflatable sheep, matetable sheep, suitable sheep, goutable sheep. yes. there's got to be a meeting somewhere sometime. my friend plate and i are having breakfast, sponge said, would you care for a bite? and the stains come out, said breadroll, no problem, if you aggressively target them. it has been a long time since breadroll had had his encounter with the spanish vanilla tart. tea, said sponge. yes, said block of wood, there will be grub present when we arrive.

fast breakfast quotes
i thought i thought youíd spell it sueden as in suede, said breadroll. yesterday, said block of wood. could you pass me the butter please, said breadroll. pff = sound of sudden exhalation with lips closed as much as possible. few cages, and ruffle a few feathers, i told you, said sponge. exactly, said sponge, on the policy. he was upset for the rest of the day. block of wood spent the day in carpark downstairs, smoking, while breadroll visited the spanish vanilla tart. a long pause filled the room. as indicated by the verb the three protagonists could hardly fit in. we figure something out, said sponge. sure does, said breadroll, we were talking about it in the last meeting. and findings, said block of wood. but that probably would be too much excitement for a workday. and no, he added after a while, just like people add comments (remarks) in novels ó description of a pause, then an event and the remark (comment) is added by using this (add) word as a descriptor of the way something had been said ó, that was not the question. that's right, said block of wood, and pig thighs for the meeting. sponge rang, said he was bored. my leg's asleep, said sponge. we only ever have tea, said block of wood. the man had react to the wrong keyword beside the wrong stage. he apologised and disappeared. that was it. which others anyway, said block of wood. good, said breadroll, we are set to finish before the off-licences reply. tomorrow, said sponge, i heard something in that direction. then again, i could be terribly wrong, my ears are asymmetrical. the instructions in this respect are rather unclear. nice and clean, he said. no, said block of wood, did you? so am i, said block of wood. not saying anything, said breadroll, wonít get you anywhere.