fast breakfast quotes
guess not, said breadroll. breadroll agreed and so did block of wood. bit abrupt, too, said breadroll. protracted silence, prolonged. silence as an outcry for speech. and 7 wood wasn't the right club anyway, said breadroll. they ran around in circles. that's surprising now. wasn't really in the forecast at all. there is an important — plainly outstanding meeting today, said sponge, with venison, mutton and game. no can do, said block of wood, the policy requires full attention in the event of pre-reviewal brain storms. it is a bus, said sponge, and not a myth. you do not have to slay the driver and steal his ring. just give him the fair fare and we're off. yes. all three were lined up on chairs, soaked and ready for people to sit on them. that’s the way it goes, i suppose, said breadroll. blokk beat sponge, and sponge beat breadroll - for the sake of it. we should get a car, said sponge. i’m reborn, said silence. where, said breadroll. to get this straight, said sponge, frogs are friends, not stepping stones. o, said breadroll, my brain hurts, and we’ve waisted another episode. block of wood sat down at the table with a cup of coffee. i guess, said sponge, that’s not ours. there was a phone call for you, said breadroll. lights off. bus stop sounds. applause. positive reviews. breadroll: i am starving. that's how hungry i am. now there’s a man of determination, said sponge. he did not seem to be serious about that — at least not as serious as the man who went into the shop and asked for catering pan (thick doughy slices).

fast breakfast quotes
always, said breadroll, and we get to repeat what the other has said. they watched bent burghers fading around corners and commented on burghers fading around corners. not his best, said sponge. breadroll and block of wood had entered slow motion the day before and now executed previously planned movements. we will not mention that we were late, said block of wood, not a fraction of a date or a time. i wish he would read that, said breadroll, tea? defonightly, said block of wood. yes, said breadroll, a phone call. for you as well. i repeat thus i am, said sponge, i shall repeat this some time. where is block of wood? still on the loo loo loo? you know which word has been an item on the agenda for quite a while now which has not been addressed yet and there was no use in denying it. lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree. meanwhile block of wood inspected the sheep and concluded there was a chance for it to open. a wave of woffle, a plenty of paper, a flood of letters is filling the desk, sponge said, and none to keep it at bay. now come on, lads, said sponge, shallow soups are deep. o, that stuff, said block of wood, now, that's though. that’s a novelty, said breadroll. who's that now, said block of wood. you may flatten me, said sponge, but you cannot, err … that's the other report, said sponge. good, said blokk. don't forget to shave, d'you hear me. the bowl of holy water there… lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree. blokk beat sponge, and sponge beat breadroll - for the sake of it. yes. count them. yeah, was great. a. binding. that’s a nobrainer.

fast breakfast quotes
could you pass me the butter, please, said breadroll. effictive seems to be the right word to use, said block of wood, right thing to say. i've got mail, said sponge. that would be the standard answer, said sponge. we should stop here for now and review. he doesn't, said sponge. the (bouncer, blackcoat, redneck, underprivileged) or igi.anal…(someother == variablethatresultsin == other) male enlargement desktop fickler dexterity. block of wood had successfully assured himself that he had not been left out on purpose. he sat – lights on, lights off – at the table. lights or lice, he said, who cares. the itch still would not go. c. unexampled. in the course of putting this agenda together, said sponge. go for it baxter, breadroll said, but there was nobody and nothing baxter could go for. there was no baxter either. breadroll and sponge did not answer as they both had a potato in their mouth. soon, said ponge, pretty soon, just read the memo. the bus will though, said breadroll. but it’s block of wood’s turn, said breadroll, he practised it and he got a certificate after his training. an email was sent around to all, remember, to announce it herr brekst said: new beginnings always have been my favourites. let’s see what is in for us today. no, what i mean. and, said breadroll. so, are we facing an exciting challenge then, said breadroll. i see, said sponge, is there any coffee left? pat the baker had been called to help out, get things in, resolve matters and generally assist in meetings. however, he had to be released from service for exposing his unshaven hence hairy breadnuts. we didn’t get any training on syllables though, said breadroll. i admit there had been some delays. in the past, said sponge, but…he grew silent. what’s up? sad. alas, a fact. cow dung. cow dung brown. not solid, not too runny either. what did you have on your plate recently? and now, said breadroll, what now? maybe it's rectangular after all, said sponge.