fast breakfast quotes
that is a very agreeable position indeed, said breadroll. yea, mad isn’t it, said breadroll. should we have changed our choices then, said sponge and switched the light off before anyone could answer. end of story. (oldest trick in this book and others.). just to make sure i fully understand the impact of that all, said block of wood, the innovative approach is targeted to be beneficial on a 24/7 basis without any further aggression necessary or scheduled — apart from the aggressive approach with regard of the realisation of that innovative policy? as an agreement had been readhed they went on a search for the next point on the agenda. should we have changed our choices then, said sponge and switched the light off before anyone could answer. end of story. (oldest trick in this book and others.). how was the walk, said breadroll. eggs are valueable assets, said block of wood, and rather useful. they are more than a sex symbol for starters. loo roll, said breadroll. yes, said sponge. no reply. make one, said block of wood. focus, focus, darling, focus focus, said breadroll and (took pleasure in the repeated repetition) reached for the butter, i wouldn't mind to be leisurely buttered. no at all in fact. alas, in fact, there is no policy. no, said block of wood, and you? sponge was finished in the bathroom and admired the breakfast table. looks like it, said breadroll. sponge was a little bit envious as the pills his two colleagues had to swallow due to the most recent poetry incident seemed to be a rather pleasureful pieces of medication. there should be some in the shop, said breadroll, if we find it that is. breadroll will sing a song but nobody will listen. yep. and, the man said, i just came to look after the sheep. is she alright? i think so too. said sponge, hence i wear fresh boxer shorts every day. it did, said breadroll, didn’t it. breadroll, sponge and block of wood were waiting for a train. there won't be one today, said breadroll, not today anyway. due to the motion ban, said breadroll. nor did i, said sponge.

fast breakfast quotes
meaning, said block of wood, in your words. tight pants, would they do? no, they would not. it is not really a bad type of an idea, i must say, said sponge, we should discuss it in the meeting. that as well, said sponge. i was about to, said breadroll. rhyme, said block of wood. other this and other episodes a morning breeze blew. nothing new. the description of sensations of nature puts a piece of prose in a more natural context. think so too, said breadroll. why? i am just asking, said sponge. 1,360.20 54.54 well, are we going, said breadroll. the cows are home, the buns are up, sunshine marks the day. i admit there had been some delays. in the past, said sponge, but…he grew silent. what’s up? true creativity is obviously only possible in totalitarian political systems where facial expressions can be ordered and body language prescribed. that’s interesting, said breadroll. ice cream once. sponge was very disappointed to learn that. block of wood and breadroll almost immediately broke out in tears. think so, said breadroll, too. you name it, said block of wood, o boy o boy o my o my. i'm afraid …, said sponge. that's true (agreement: unisono). breadroll and block of wood said, they liked his commitment and loved his determination but the line was there in the script, a fact they — unfortunately — could not change. meanwhile, in the other office, something else happened. something utterly unexciting breadroll, sponge and block of wood were completely unaware of. and, said sponge, what now? they looked in different directions and sent emails. a: if it only was that easy. actually, we did discover at some stage that he's more likely to be sponge's uncle, believe it or not, his sponge texture is just mistaken for rye bread. 3 that in one sentence, said breadroll.

fast breakfast quotes
yes, said breadroll, it shall be looking nice. very nice indeed. neither, said block of wood. and, said breadroll. secula seculorum. lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. somebody important to meet, said breadroll, he's going to bone us should we fail to bone him first. boning, the full program. we should practice movements, too, for a change. make one, said block of wood. where, said sponge. do you have change? i admit there had been some delays. in the past, said sponge, but…he grew silent. what’s up? certainly will, said breadroll, tea? you’ve woken up. congratulate yourself. paperclip, said block of wood. they are snobs, said breadroll. feethars maybe. gosh we have a meeting today, said block of wood. i go for tea, said block of wood, regardless. utilising them would, said block of wood, rather could result in racial tension. we talk about the weather instead --- which is not bad today if we may say so. silence. one way or another to end a story. what’s our policy on that then, said breadroll. kind of, said breadroll, but not if seen from yesterday’s perspective i suppose, if my memory serves me right. what was it again we needed to do today? and there, said block of wood, is tea. exactly, said breadroll. not warm though, said block of wood. clear words, not open for interpretation, nothing to add (herr brekst). stuff it (breadroll) and move (block of wood). ruffle, said breadroll, a few feathers. an intriguing word indeed. that’s what killed silence, said breadroll while block of wood was embarrassed and said nothing. there even was talk of tears.