tomorrow i make a wet sponge go into work instead of myself. i make the sponge sit on my chair and wait for me to sit on it.
but that probably would be too much excitement for a workday.

that’s how spongism started, the only active main category of the other blog.
back then, during the days of [th]E surreal:net – journal, the category spongism did not exist although the related storilets were produced and published fairly regularly workday morning; the title of the category was fast breakfast breaks. if memory serves me right, the creation of spongism came with the switch to wordpress or certainly while being back owith wordpress— as the journal was for a time was delivered by the infamous movabletype system; sixapart, the company behind it, got some slating for making the software commercial (although a free, crippled version exists) but the world is full of people willing to spend money on all sorts of things, hence there are all smiles on their webpage. they may be in some sect mind you — look at tom cruise, he’s too boring to do drugs himself so he smiles and follows the visions of a 2nd rate scifi author on, hey-presto drugs (nothing too exotic, barbiturates and stuff, in later years a psycho-active substance, whatever that may be). the good people at sixapart won’t do that! nonetheless it’s slimy corporate grinning all along.

anyway. that’s where we are now. is currently still hosted by beigetower but there’s nothing going on, after bragging about their coolness and their rightness (as opposed to, as they put it, asshats) they could not deliver and overall turned out to be whingy losers. it is a matter of time until they go offline i guess for lack of payments to feed the server. avida was the nickname of the main lad, an anagram but not the same league as avida dollars. i can only assume that it was ultimately their apparent lack of social skill that brought them down. the world is full of idiots, others will continue were beigetower stopped.