launched spongism 3 today for no other reason than to launch it for a special one. made cakes, no breadrolls, today, for tomorrow.

chapter 3 has no meaning in the course of the three’s development —- panther rey likes milk just as bone marrow.

3 com

just made it. a happy birthday Samuel and a good friday.

in dublin.


felt a little bit bored and dallied over to google to see how our old, dear friend severina vuckovic is doing; just great i can assure you, even a wikipedia article is dedicated to herself. currently rank 2 a naughty link (referring to the film) and so on really. rank 1 her official page, that’s something but rank 6 a page offer a free s*x tape (link to commercial site). the rest more links and several articles on lawsuits and other news.
it worked. she got famous. being famous is some type of new vocation. the lord has called me to be famous. for something. anything will do.

Mais ou sont les neiges d’antan?


by way of introduction:-

spongism et al is the annabloom writings column;
being famous deals with the likes of severina “vucca” vuckovic (and paris hilton should she discover adult sex);
spick and spam publishes or not iformation on the extension and stimulation of body parts and the successful squander of one’s miserable family hut.

that’s what blogging is all about: fill the place with word and feel good about it.