Tried to customise, failed. messed up the css a bit but tried to make it look like an intended design. Now it’s out, now you know. The stuff that Twitter‘s made on. We have the technology to shamelessly chatter and no doubt use it.


And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.


instead of yet another installation we decided to give this one a wipe and off we go.


spongism. fnnnnnnn.

there are tree parts to it so far:-

spongism 1
spongism 2
spongism 3

conveniently named. but where does it go to? simon? watcha tink?

[Update 06 April 2009]
It all goes along nicely. Not as regular as in the past though.

A fourth part added:

spongism 4

little stories in the tradition of the wonderful Daniil Kharms (the most complete Kharms collection I have found so far – apart fom his Collected Works in Russian (and his collected works are a reason to learn the language indeed). Another collection.).

3 com

launched spongism 3 today for no other reason than to launch it for a special one. made cakes, no breadrolls, today, for tomorrow.

chapter 3 has no meaning in the course of the three’s development —- panther rey likes milk just as bone marrow.

3 com

by way of needless introduction this will be the comments and largely nonfictional annabloom journal (blog may be honest but does not sound good). we had this before, the journal (fictional, almost daily updates) and the notes, some time ago, not available anymore —- in the internet archive perhaps.
there are things to say which do not really fit into spongism or any other fictional project. the last time around the journal was fictional, well, [th]E surreal:net::journal, or so, and notes: [th]E editor’s pocket, the nonfictional part.
first on movabletype, then wordpress, then xoops with wordpress plugin, now back to wordpress. and happy with it.
the theme, for now, the tried and tested classic wordpress theme — only slightly modified.