free will

that shmock, sad block of wood. he had read this word in a novel and drew great pleasure from using it: shmock. he said it when sponge entered the room together with an unknown man. hi, said the man and extended his hand to have it shaken. tea, said block of wood and ignored the hand.
hi, said the man. his name is will, said sponge to block of wood, i met his outside. he needs to relax a little bit more but i think he’s alright.
will he stay, said block of wood, and the man replied, will, that’s me. i’m here to tell you about the free children of cod further and his son chippers spiced.
free, said block of wood, are you sure?
will was absolutely sure, he said there was no doubt about it, one would have to trust him on that and one would not be disappointed if one had the guts or grace to follow him.
nobody would. a disappointing day. — what a day indeed.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.