long words and definitions

herr brekst walked into a cafe (with a short sentence on his lips). these things happen, in a same thing, different day sort of manner. he saw a man. he, the man, drank coffee. a suitable activity but that is another thing; we won’t talk about it now, at this point. they used to celebrate, brekst said, back in the middle ages, more than we would think, if we think about them at all that is. most of the time we don’t. the train people had received some cash as a bonus. the short sentence skirting his lips in brackets had disappeared like a flap dragon.
it’ll be a while now, said sponge, until these train people get back on track.
they are on schedule though. but schedule is a long word, might be a while to be through.
they have a rigid definition, they’ll be on track soon.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.