public body bargain

one day sponge forgot to put the other arm on, the one he remembered but not a glimpse of thought about the other. these things happen in a life time you might rightly say. he could take a train for free, the train people said, but there were no trains running that day due to industrial action, some dispute because of something one train person had said to the other train person and it was the wrong thing or said something and it would have been the right thing had it been said to the right person, or nothing had been said at all, which wasn’t what everyone or some expected and to settle all that the trains would not be running. perhaps it was an argument between train man and train woman, some-one suggested. a committee was to provide answers.
sponge decided to catch a bus instead. they offered reduced fare, but no free ride. superior services and the wrong arm missing. sorry mate, the busman said.
sponge wondered if his obsession with public transport was a healthy one.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.