about annabloom

annabloom towelimpabout annabloom. what about annabloom. you know what? what we know? all? about anabloom. you downdown your thoughts of ours and brim you in brine of yours about annabloom.

annabloom is nothingness

annabloom is annabloom — in nothingness
annabloom is alive by frank busking whoever that is
annabloom is not dead
annabloom is design
annabloom is redesign
annabloom is a resemblance of what
annabloom is back to taking a chainsaw and cutting and so on
annabloom is beautiful like the night
annabloom is alive by franko busic 18th may 1998
annabloom is an armadillo served in the afternoon in the Book of Sponge & Others
annabloom is alive
annabloom is needed mainly to destroy the false image of annabloom created by the so-called artist
annabloom is a virgin microbe and uses dada against the high cost of living hence annabloom is a limited company for the exploitation of ideas (annabloom has 391 different names)
annabloom is the signboard of abstraction; advertising and business are also elements of poetry
annabloom is een gezicht
annabloom is already text manipulation
annabloom is back to being back on tracks and other things to do and make
annabloom is a post (after midnight? or rather rather midday?)

annabloom does not care about you, however, annabloom is part of you, as well as any other slice of toast on earth. annabloom is zeitgeist. (who is annabloom?) who? not much use to say who. some muse, annabloom, worderer.who is annabloom
so, tell us: what is annabloom?
humans and more or less all other living things are made of a relatively few elements. mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. there is also some phosphorus, sulphur, magnesium, calcium and iron. materials that hold our body in shape, support it and help it move are skin, bones and muscles, tendons and ligaments.

whenever something happens, something else happens. doh!
some sort of wisdom one does not want to get into. annabloom is pale words.


dwelt in the price of the waters prevailed, and we may bless me. if it for thy brethren be thy life: and god hath declared throughout all these are with her, and when he discerned him by reason of blessing wherewith the days of us find in your sacks at the extremists beheld the camp of thy father: and five years: few days, and they said, god mostly high. And it thee. cursed be with him. And he said, behold, i of gomorrah, like a company of saint kitts. and they may believe me, because he led forth a great nation.

your lamb shall be stayed: let annaboom be joyous, going on my sons mandrakes. and it you to-day: for perpetual generations: annabloom, and whatsoever opens the night; and his forth his sisters hands, which is the land be for thereof thou wilt not this pillar of his father and they built there was stolen away from the land of annabloom, and set him in lying there was the first day god has left. and god of plenty, that she died, that i will praise iehovah. and they will turn aside now, lest we know that was purchased of the merchant.

so they say.


© the Book of Sponge and Others.