a mount of things amounts to much

i can see we faint, said sponge, like all of us and all around us. wise words. great chords for exit.
there we go again, said breadroll, i was supposed to say that. things i was supposed to i may never say or never again. imagine.
you haven’t said that, said sponge. have you.
i don’t know, said breadroll. and who knows? it is too much of a muchness. we may as well end something somewhere somehow.

i have an idea

at least i should make the effort, don’t care what they use it for, said sponge.
to make more efforts, said breadroll.
block of wood turn into a moment and lingered for a while.

sponge is good with people

wet sponges suck, dry sponges bounce. yesterday today tomorrow. tomorrow it always better as it has no day in it that could be bad. you see what it mean.
tomorrow? that what everyone says.
and i agree, said sponge.

and that’s the end of it

yesterday i made a wet sponge go into work rather than myself. i made the sponge sit on my chair and wait for me to sit on it.
much excitement for a workday. drawn up minutes.
now here we go, said breadroll.
finally, said block of wood.
eventually, said sponge.
a long day in the office had comes to an end. anyhows.

around the corner

exactly, said sponge. he looked around the corner. i think it is safe now, he said.
do you think so, said breadroll.
that’s what i just said, said sponge.
you think you’re funny, said block of wood.
no, said sponge, i think it is safe now.
that’s what he said, said breadroll.
we should go, said sponge.
we should, said breadroll.
they looked around the corner. no sign of a motion ban, they thought. somebody let off and somebody else spat; these people stuck out and were reviewed but everyone else seemed to be in a perfect chain of movements. they decided to discuss it in the next meeting they would come across and had tea.
we should really go then, said block of wood.

eggs and safety is our concern

eggs fill and inflate, said sponge, but no one had mentioned eggs. to be sure, he said. it did not help.

who does the talking

why is it always me who does the talking, said sponge.
dunno, said breadroll.
do you, said block of wood.
what, said breadroll.
no, said block of wood.
what, said breadroll.
no, said block of wood, i meant do you really do all the talking. you know?
know what, said breadroll.
what i meant, said block of wood.
i see, said breadroll.
hours later this little episode caused joy and amusement amongst the three.


we haven’t gone far so far, said sponge.
yes, the others said. then they were silent for a while (until somebody broke the silence again – but that happened some other time. not far after the bridge they would not reach for ages).

around we go

and when the spectator looked again, the three were gone.
djkghdriu, he said, dkjfhdfdfrosx, qwerty.
the three had made a move around the corner.
so we did, said sponge.
breadroll and block of wood had nothing to say. they kept quiet. very good, excellent. as this is what happened we should call it a day.

progressing progress

now, said sponge, we are almost there.
this summarises that morning’s events.

a room

is there a room booked, said sponge, is there?
a room, said breadroll, who thought of that? a room. booked. o dear.
block of wood examined the pavement. still something stuck, he said, we should consider our options.
stuck, said breadroll, options. well, we could use our fingernails.
this is it, said block of wood, none of us has fingernails.
that should be discussed in further detail, said sponge, at least the discussion of the issue in further detail should be made part of an agenda of issues and items to be possibly discussed in the course of a decent meeting.
that is a very agreeable position indeed, said breadroll.
we should sit down, said block of wood, can you confirm that?
they sat down.


what time is the meeting at?
soon. or maybe it’s postponed.
sponge and breadroll starred at something stuck to the pavement. block of wood poured tea, added milk. sponge scratched himself behind his left ear. breadroll pointed out that they, the ears as he clarified, were somehow asymmetrical. sponge and block of wood refreshed his memory.
that was subject to discussion a while ago, actually, they said.
block of wood had a sip. whether anyone wanted tea, he asked.
breadroll and sponge did not want tea and told him so. sponge starred at something else stuck to the pavement.
the amount of stuff stuck to the pavement, he said, unreal.
yea, mad isn’t it, said breadroll.

tea meeting

in actual fact, said sponge, i have heard they had plenty of meeting while we were away.
we are not there yet, said block of wood.
to be precise, said breadroll, we haven’t even started to walk in factual act.
i know, said sponge, the motion ban. we could go though.
we could, said block of wood.
will we, said breadroll.
we shall, said sponge, after the meeting.
not a man with a sheep again, no?

sponge eyes

sponge eyes are brown-yellowish. using them correctly will not only enable sponge to spot a speck on the wall but will constitute an exciting new visionary experience in itself.
my eyes are fine said sponge, i am well able of having clear visions.
let get excited, said block of wood.
spontaneously, said breadroll.
they poured tea and added milk.
we haven’t had a meeting in a while, said sponge.

perhaps you can give me an update

and, said breadroll, you certainly heard something in that direction?
what do you mean, said sponge.
not the, said breadroll, other direction?
i think, said block of wood, he means because of your asymmetrical ears, because they are asymmetrical, it may have been some other direction, perhaps.
or a different direction, said breadroll.
i see, said sponge.
what about your eyes, said breadroll.

ashes to ashes

you should not have burnt the sheep, said block of wood.
you should not have burnt the man, said breadroll.
i know, said block of wood, that wasn’t nice at all.
he struggled quite a bit, said sponge.
he did, said block of wood, didn’t he.
he did, said sponge.
it is today we are meant to walk again, said breadroll, as in move about, or tomorrow.
tomorrow, said sponge, i heard something in that direction. then again, i could be terribly wrong, my ears are asymmetrical. the instructions in this respect are rather unclear.

it is flat

did you know it was an inflatable sheep, said sponge.
no, said block of wood, did you?
no, said breadroll, me neither. but it smoked alright.

-flate: de & in

i hope it was a low fat fag, said sponge.
fat sheep are not a pleasant sight, said block of wood.
no they’re not. not at all they are, said sponge.
i agree, the man said, if you are interested in an agreement. shall i deflate it a bit?

one for all

we should not be so caught up with this sheepery, said sponge.
not at all, said block of wood. they watched breadroll talking to the sheep and seemingly having a great conversation. eventually breadroll offered the sheep a cigarette.

kinds of sheep

inflatable sheep, matetable sheep, suitable sheep, goutable sheep.
fluffy sheep, scruffy sheep.
sheep that open, sheep that close, sheep that hopen, sheep so gross.
shall we go, said breadroll.
we can’t, said sponge.
i see, said breadroll.
tea anyone, said block of wood.

tribe, you and all

a tribunal, said sponge.
indeed, said breadroll.
so, you’re back, said block of wood, didn’t expect you around for a while. not for a while anyway.
i find you guys amusing, said silence, what are you up yo?
not much, said breadroll, i asked for a tribunal.
those tribes are so 20th century, said silence, mimicing is it these days, as in me and youscum.
oh, said breadroll, tusculum.
also a very nice word, said silence.
they stared at a little piece of gravel right beside the sheep.

query as in q

i should take the sheep back, the man said.
the man had hidden behind various items, hence breadroll, sponge and block of wood did not notice him and — to honour the old days, to mark the occasion — threw in the occasional comment.
gosh, we didn’t notice you, said sponge.
googolly not at all, said block of wood.
there you are, said breadroll.
did you know where he had been, said sponge.
no, said breadroll, i wish to have a sheep tribunal.

something with eggs

lined up they sat on the kerbstone.
we should have done something with eggs, said block of wood, they are so symbolic.
i don’t know, said sponge, i am not too sure about the company’s stance in this respect. i shall find out for you once we get there.
are we going, said breadroll.
no, said the others.

eggs perhaps

maybe we should do something with eggs, said sponge.
eggs are valueable assets, said block of wood, and rather useful. they are more than a sex symbol for starters.
i take it that you don’t need the sheep then, the man said.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.