loops end indeed

definitely turkish delight. if anything is definite than that particular flavour, said sponge. the soapy finish. legend. yes. we wait. and make a report. we have something to tell. but they wanted them short, an overview of things. just brush over items. breeze through issues. ah well, going forward. turkish delight.
it could be caramel, said breadroll. never, said sponge. we wait and see.

today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

so what are we at? the mother of five –of two– of two of course or is it the father of seven? of six, excuse me.
they hardly allow fathers or sevens on tv, or of six for that matter, that must be a hell of an accident before they get a mention.
now, shall we leave these lines, said sponge, or shall we comment?
comment, said breadroll.
and what’s it going to be then, said sponge, long or short?
short, said breadroll, they’re all shite.
poetic, said sponge, poetry is a nourish. any time. -ment, i meant nourishment. we keep correcting ourselves but that doesn’t make a great story, or explains the title. not funny at any time.

one more song again

q: you once said you weren’t that type of celebrity.
a: i could make an exception, couldn’t i?
q: could you? would you?
a: i could.
q: so we leave it at that.
a: i could do it again.
a small moustache performed a lazy dance while he spoke. knowing the train man’s general way opinion sponge gave in to a feeling of confidence, which was only a memory the next morning.

done with it the harking goes

here’s a station, said sponge, why not end right here, get in there board a train and be done with it.
why don’t we?

anything may happen anyway

but we have to do something, said breadroll, look, it seems to be so important that nobody makes good jokes about it anymore.
which seems to imply that good jokes are made only about less important matters of course, said sponge, of course, is not necessairly correct, but a discussion would distract us too much.
a street opened to the left and another one to the right and there was this station straight ahead, caesar’s point, the one as they say that is not far from saltnuts and venushill, which is said to the one before done leary, which is the the harbour and point for connecting bus fares. if anything fails they go to done leary, they say.
c’s point is a tawdry place, no toilet, just a wall to pee on; but hardly ever anybody does.

it is a day after all

we didn’t really prepare for a special for today, did we?
no we didn’t.
i though so, didn’t i, said sponge, feeling slightly happy having made the point. we just have cake then if we find some, he knew to add.

tomorrow is a term that does not know itself

tomorrow another day, said breadroll, and was corrected by sponge. another day perhaps but a day where we did want to do something special.
tjae such days, said breadroll.
the meeting then faded and nobody knew really about tomorrow anymore. we could do more with this subject.

good things come to a grinding halt too

nothing new nothing, the sun thought in her rare moments, i should go but i can’t. have to wait around until people are fed and go to bed again. even then some can’t keep still.
sponge hadn’t move much. breadroll a little bit more. they weren’t saying much. people passed by at normal speed and paid no attention.

clearly the wrong title

i thought the interview days were over, said breadroll.
so fnnnn, the interviewer said, did i. i’m really here to make a point for inflatables in public. not very consistent mind you, i do ask questions, unpleasant ones, biting ones, drill down you, that sort of stuff. fnnnnnn.
i don’t know what i said without my lawyer, said sponge, not with this lad around. he’ll phase out eventually.

excellent day for a query

i would have a question, said sponge, and answer one if you like. as most lonely people he did not reach anyone.
breadroll relaxed, not to be asked. blokk likewise, brutal. lonely.
q: what did you do in those days?
a: hung out. whatever hanging out means these days. recreationals drugs, of course. what you do. so it goes.

an egg he said won’t do you no harm

have one, he said, or two you may take, too. won’t do you no harm nor will it anyone else. egg really makes me feel bloated, said sponge, i must decline, it’s not because of the colesterol. and it will harm others i’m afraid. children particularily will suffer. in trenches or not, no difference.

definition of eggman

eggman. who is the eggman? what is the eggman? where is the eggman, we could ask but it would be a waste of time. it is the man who brings the eggs one might think and it is probably right. sponge was delighted about a little bit of joy this reassuring thought had brought. one shold relish these moments.

acceptance and action anyway

new, harrowing details of the crime have emerged. the bun, stolen from a shop yesterday by a breadroll has been identified as mother of two liza duggan from naas, county kildare. the relatives say they are devastated, they defo stated.
that wasn’t necessary, said sponge, was it?
no, wasn’t.
breadroll explained at length the whys and whats and that if it hadn’t been for that terrible reflection in the window it would not have happened. it was an overall acceptable excuse.

do it again moment

do you want me to hug you again, said breadroll.
you are yet to hug me, said sponge.
oh, said breadroll, when did that not happen? no joking, said sponge. no further comments and closed.

about away as in gone

away, said sponge, yes. away. i told the media but they would not do a thing. bit by bit i shall tell you and – block of wood. where is he?
gone, said breadroll, not here.
sounds silly, said sponge, but i can see that.
they both nodded in appreciation.

a quick encounter between dawn and morn

you’ve been away for a long time, said breadroll, a long time indeed. as if the repetition would add emphasis.
more for the rhythm, is it, said sponge.
would you leave again?
definitely, said sponge.

always along those lines

you again is it, said breadroll.
yes, said brekst, i came to ask a question.
it is not that easy, herr brekst said, i am not at ease with the question. we usually battle a lot and questioning things did turn out to be a struggle. poor me, you wouldn’t have a cigarette?
gave up, said breadroll.
so did i, herr brekst said. just asking.

miss mighty might

there she comes again, prodding and plodding, she has to carry, that girl, she really does.
that’s not the one we’ve been discussing earlier, said breadroll. you can save your comments.
nope. that one rarely leaves the house. one day she’ll decide enough is enough and won’t get up anymore. they’ll have to feed her 47 burgers a day just to keep her going.

so say just for the fun would you like to have sex with me

the next joke will be a fart joke and it will mention the war, children will be harmed and there will be great disaster. we may ask for your help and support. but we will be fine after all. that is a promise. you can take that as a pledge, of sorts. we just need some understanding. some excitement. we need your trust to the point where we need you to actually rely on us.
breadroll never had a thing for cheap beer but rarely found shops that had anything on offer but.

sometimes something is better than nothing at all

you know, said breadroll, we’ve got a lot under our belt, and that not just hardened remnants of something. and if it were so what?
how could it harden if we are on the move, said sponge, we’ve got to find something to have more than nothing. gum plastered pavements. we know the scene. sponge and breadroll had a fight, a hug and a rest of a day.

something someday sometimes

something will ,said sponge, come out of it sometimes.
at a corner someone had got sick, splashed the family dinner all over the place. way to go, she was a lousy cook, the man said, and now she is gone. tales of this and other things they heard. isn’t that awful, said breadroll, as the man went on with his business, i shall feel for him someday. one day i must empathise.
someday all be sorted and fine, said sponge. i used to hate to think i couldĀ  miss that.

just because a breadroll thickens a pie

just because of that, said breadroll, just beacause.
exactly, said sponge, sadly, just because.

someday somehow the same must happen again to someone

is that the day we’ve waited for? hardly is. never, not this one.
these were the comments received to the question; we could have other comments but are content with these ones. they are better than none at all.
thus spoke sponge.
certainly there was no need for him to say that.

discharge responsibility for feathers’ feast

when i hear christmas, said sponge, i want to discharge my revolver.
o dear, said breadroll, that’s drastic. what kind of revolver.
browning, said sponge.
sure, said breadroll, mauser is worse.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.