the ability of people

evolution has equipped train people very well for whatever they are doing. whatever it is, they excel in it, word has it. they meet to discuss, and resolve without hesitation. they sell tickets in anticipation of oncoming trains. sponge wants to buy a ticket. train people now will be able, in a position so to speak, well trained and with a mandate to perform this very service to the general public. sponge here is lucky, you could spell that out for him, to be able to receive this service.
possible hickups aside, sponge will soon be the proud holder of a valid train ticket. he will also be permitted to apply for one on behalf of breadroll.

the ability to sleep

were you able to get some sleep, said sponge.
we had a presentation on counting sheep the other day but it did no good, said breadroll, sheep are just not convincing enough.
tomorrow will be better, said sponge, something is done on the presentation, too. they had other bits of conversation, which we couldn’t overhear properly. people just don’t articulate well anymore.

thankfully ability is not all

he was well able, said sponge, but he still failed.
you keep refering to the title straight away.
i’m not. anyway, it’s not about ability at all. the next one is good looking and seems to be reasonably happy, may he’ll sell us a ticket. if it’s within reason.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.