a slogan about hogan

we should mention more people, said sponge, or people lose interest. we neither have account nor page, twit or twat. like bulk about hulk and stuff. but that would be asking too much. something snappy.
or interesting. said breadroll.
or interesting, of course. something mad.
to cause outrage.
yes, that would be something.

on asses and ignorance

an the ass saw the angel, said sponge, and took no notice.
what an ass, said breadroll, if you allow the pun.
i don’t, said sponge, you know.
i know now, and i take it back. was she nude? like in those paintings?
too late.
too bad. what a shame.
the ass should have shagged the angel, said breadroll, would have added to the story.

stuff about train people

annabloom is alive, a spraying reads. hardly a mural, says sponge, but it is new. when did that happen. blink to breadroll, a breezelong missing block of wood. every now and then.
breadroll. walks. says nothing. the display is blank. apolises for inconvenience. shortly. wind. who is annabloom. a new mural, tiny.
to tell a joke in the way of train people:
t’pit and supplistrong caused their holy of thould of stong an ove t’yourn and then ream, thou haph, and arsht?
inass indeed, answeet heave clourned him. and the orf said, all on cubime: and arose me flees. no-ah; and with wet, too.

about away as in gone

away, said sponge, yes. away. i told the media but they would not do a thing. bit by bit i shall tell you and – block of wood. where is he?
gone, said breadroll, not here.
sounds silly, said sponge, but i can see that.
they both nodded in appreciation.

about body and mind interchange

we receive a lot of letters. some abusive, others insulting, most despiteful. why? we take responsibility, said breadoll. we stand up for things. not too many, but if we were asked … for a fee … just ask.

there’s a letter that was thrown at us:

i hate to confess but i was a crappy junk food addict. i devoured all this traditional trash but just could not stop having genetically modified salads with actually organic tofu in between. this fatal passion ceased when i started course with sponge here and block of wood. oh, gawd, my inclination to eat properly vastly increased, spirits improved and i became the happiest person on the planet 5, cloud 8. 22.53 pounds in 2.31 months. i can tell you now I turned to the happiest person.

we really should comply, said sponge, make a start and let get it done. else we get our knickers in a twist and we all know how unfortunate that is.
i just want us to know that we do have a thing for fat women, said breadroll.
that’s though merely for the sounds, said sponge, fat woman sound nicer than the skinny one.

think about song

you might want to think about,

think about think about
did you did you did you
think about
think think think think think
think about

said sponge, and please don’t burst out in a song again…
i’d know a good one though, said breadroll, brekst told me, it has some verve.
so i believe, said sponge, anyway, not to worry. we missed the chance for a great dialog, something centennial; we should think about it.

soon we are going to be talking about tomorrow soon

soon. soon soon. repeat. soon.
hours of endless fun said sponge. but soon soon. what will happen? a solution for ravaged offally and its endangered locals. does anyone know where offally is? soon. and so li’eve bloom. where the toilet is. meanwhile we keep looking for a shop. with stuff in it. for sale.
daft little writ, said breadroll. no-one will notice.
a morning dawned, no flavoured coffee around, no office furiture. the simple life at corners. short sentences. tomorrow things’ll better.

something about bikes

so no chance for a bike, said sponge, to get along?
no, said breadroll, we won’t have one.
the naked man was getting along fast as well, said block of wood and he had a point.
it took a while for the others to get it and they weren’t quick to respond either.

something about phones

see, told you, said sponge, we should do something about phones.
you wanted to say fones, said breadroll, because it’s groovier. i think so, too, by the way.
i tried, said sponge, but the spell check picked up on it. but i don’t think it’s groovier. gruuvier maybe, but not the other thing.
no. the other thing.
i give up ,said breadroll and had tea. as usual.
as usual, said sponge who hated his comments being anticipated. the writer could fake it he thought, but no avail. we could have a power meeting to discuss it, he said. they all had left.

no doubt about it

this was supposed to be my interview, said sponge, my little space in time but alas — it was not meant to be. did not happen.
empty street, grey day, wind blows a plastic bag across street, plastic bag gets caught, struggles in wind; tough being, no doubt.

serious about it

sponge, holding a cutlet and some sausages in one hand, a mixer in the other, says: if we are serious about the splatter we should start somewhere. it won’t go anywhere if we are not serious about it and go the extra mile. that’s what i say.
he waits. no more action.

about out

it is good to be out and about again, said sponge.
breadroll agreed and so did block of wood.
as an agreement had been readhed they went on a search for the next point on the agenda.
it must be around somewhere, said sponge.

something about sponge

about to descend, said sponge, but didn’t after all. what a disappointment. it would have made the day.
he sighed stereotypically.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.