acceptance and action anyway

new, harrowing details of the crime have emerged. the bun, stolen from a shop yesterday by a breadroll has been identified as mother of two liza duggan from naas, county kildare. the relatives say they are devastated, they defo stated.
that wasn’t necessary, said sponge, was it?
no, wasn’t.
breadroll explained at length the whys and whats and that if it hadn’t been for that terrible reflection in the window it would not have happened. it was an overall acceptable excuse.

offer and acceptance

if you asked me would i want to be tortured, i’d probably say no, puss willow said, you know, it’s not being unsociable or what, it’s more the inconvenience involved — i simply wouldn’t be on for that, to tell the truth — no offence; but now that i happen to be in an american bar i rather put up with the cherry in my martini.

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