acceptance and action anyway

new, harrowing details of the crime have emerged. the bun, stolen from a shop yesterday by a breadroll has been identified as mother of two liza duggan from naas, county kildare. the relatives say they are devastated, they defo stated.
that wasn’t necessary, said sponge, was it?
no, wasn’t.
breadroll explained at length the whys and whats and that if it hadn’t been for that terrible reflection in the window it would not have happened. it was an overall acceptable excuse.

action is more like a shop than anything republicans would say or admit for that matter

q: a rather grimm place they’ve come across, the city with corners without any shops at all. let’s see how they cope with it.
a: no, that is not fair questioning at all. we have been plunged into this with no warning whatsoever and ever since tried to cope as best we can.
q: you object fnn this statement rather vigourously — now there’s an ugly looking word — so what is the matter.
if they go left they would find a corner and to the right a street with another corner right after it. not to mention other corners in sight.
i suppose the usual witty comment, said breadroll, to follow; i for one would like to be buttered. he could easily say that for even though buttering him was a considerably nasty affair for all parties involved the lack of butter and shops to buy butter made buttering a faintly imaginable activity. i think i see a shop.
words like this won’t make it far.


tandaradei tsts daa iii, said breadroll without any motivation. he also said it without intention. i did not mean to do it, he would later say when questioned and challenged, but for the moment he remained silent.
and action, voice-over said. nobody moved.
action, voice-over again.
we’ll never get anywhere, said sponge, if we carry on like this. even if we don’t: it is debatable.

action required

breadroll, sponge and block of wood will go on strike. not today though. tomorrow perhaps.
sponge said: if we do not do it soon, we will be doing it much later which would not be good.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.