an agenda to count on

where should we go now, said breadroll.
let’s see, said sponge. after a while: we had this corner and the other, that corner, the pointy one and the one in need of repairs. but there always another one.
there is always one, said block of wood agreeingly.
shall we go then, said breadroll.
they went.


we know how to build a spreadsheet, we had the training.
1. sunshine. is it
a. useful
b. helpful
c. on the agenda.
who put that there, said sponge.
you asked for it, said breadroll.
no. you did, sid block of wood.
true, said breadroll, but he’s the leader.
true, said sponge.
2. innovation. is it
a. necessarily new as such
b. novel
c. unexampled.
not exampled as such, said breadroll.
not entirely as such, said block of wood, as in fairly novel.
should we have changed our choices then, said sponge and switched the light off before anyone could answer. end of story. (oldest trick in this book and others.).

© the Book of Sponge and Others.