entering into an agreement can be straight out

more brutality. less foetality. and we will come up with more hot hit words if needed. all you need to do is get your penis extended.
we’re not going to do that, said sponge, that would cause confusion.

agreement as a matter of fact

you know which word has been an item on the agenda for quite a while now which has not been addressed yet and there was no use in denying it.
i reckon we’re fine, said sponge, as the business changes so we continually review our agenda and terminological methodology to ensure that both meet the needs of the business. some recent enhancements have been made to introduce some value added tools as well as to improve the process.
the other two had little to add.
excellent work, they said matteroffactishly.


what did you say, said breadroll.
i said, i would not mind a bit of ham now, said block of wood.
neither would i, said sponge.
they had reached an agreement they all were happy with and were all happy.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.