always along those lines

you again is it, said breadroll.
yes, said brekst, i came to ask a question.
it is not that easy, herr brekst said, i am not at ease with the question. we usually battle a lot and questioning things did turn out to be a struggle. poor me, you wouldn’t have a cigarette?
gave up, said breadroll.
so did i, herr brekst said. just asking.

sponge bops along

there we go our party yell, said sponge, were we arrive the party is.
q: fffnn? was there or wasn’t a moment where you saw the next corner and the fact that there was no shop to ease the disappointment a bit.
a: no there wasn’t i swear to gawd.
q: going forward, would you do any different?
bob bob bob along bob along bob along. a-long. silly word.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.