a mutter always matters

shall we have tea? sit down have tea. no tea? it’s way before tea time, twit, twattering.
i don’t know, said breadroll. perhaps you are getting obsessed about it.
we wait for a while to see if sponge replies but we’re not tv, we can’t hang around a look funny while you guys giggle.

always along those lines

you again is it, said breadroll.
yes, said brekst, i came to ask a question.
it is not that easy, herr brekst said, i am not at ease with the question. we usually battle a lot and questioning things did turn out to be a struggle. poor me, you wouldn’t have a cigarette?
gave up, said breadroll.
so did i, herr brekst said. just asking.

there is always one or something for that matter

we witness a naked man running down the road. nothing else happens, pretty grim area. bleak area, nothing going bar the one guy running, that should have been mentioned in the title, not just the one. at least there was one at least.
there’s got to be something, said sponge.

always one

(that last episode did not mention the presence of block of wood; he had been sat on).
always one, the man said, there’s always one. shook his head in disbelief and went away.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.