breadroll, sponge and block of wood are wishing people all the best

that’ll be it now, he said, let’s have a rest. a rest but not a rust.
let alone a roast.
ha ha, very witty indeed.
now, we are about to end a week although we just started a day, a line as from a ballad, some nu romance stuff, said sponge , we just say goodbye and godspeed.
which has no limits.
ha ha very witty indeed.
the day then passed without special notice.

soon we are going to be talking about tomorrow soon

soon. soon soon. repeat. soon.
hours of endless fun said sponge. but soon soon. what will happen? a solution for ravaged offally and its endangered locals. does anyone know where offally is? soon. and so li’eve bloom. where the toilet is. meanwhile we keep looking for a shop. with stuff in it. for sale.
daft little writ, said breadroll. no-one will notice.
a morning dawned, no flavoured coffee around, no office furiture. the simple life at corners. short sentences. tomorrow things’ll better.

drinks are on the house

but there are no drinks, said breadroll.
of course not, said sponge, it’s early morning. they are hidden somewhere.
we would hate to share, said block of wood, shall we go?
we can’t, said breadroll, some reason. we wait for drinks shall we? and a shop.

we are content so far

actually, said sponge and appeared stern, actually the waiting bit is not scheduled and we are actually not waiting for anything at all; officially — a semicolon is a way to avoid a new sentence.

they are good at having a big mouth

some people are not good at anything, said breadroll, at least they try, although it sometimes would be better they they wouldn’t.
he held a candle for no apparent reason and was very aware of that fact.
a candle to remember things, he said. fat woman or fat lady, for example, man or mouse, with regard to episode featuring the former, lions led by donkeys, in case we do something in that area. as you see our future plans are vision-packed. we ourselves are viewer-focussed, and all that should please the audience.

they are ganging in on us

didn’t say that. i didn’t say that, said sponge; he acted nervously.
you will draw some kind of suspicion on you, said breadroll, and you should inform the government about the gang thing.
what gang thing, said sponge.
the headline thing, said breadroll.
ohya that, said sponge, that was a scare.
good, said breadroll, for headlines are friends not stalkers.

where we are now

we made good progress, said breadroll, if i remember correctly.
excellent progress, said block of wood.
but how do we proceed, said sponge. is there a plan?
a memo, said breadroll.
o, said block of wood, only a memo, is it?
yes, said sponge, budget is tight.
that’s a shame, said breadroll.
i know, said sponge, but what can you do? my heads are tied in this respect.
breadroll suggested to go and find somebody with an even tighter budget and make fun at his (or her) expense to make things worse fro him (or her), however, such person was nowhere to be seen.
tight pants, would they do? no, they would not.

the way we are

block of wood here is balling his eyes inside out for breaking silence in two equally sized, however somehow not consecutive pieces, if he was to get a chance naturally, very annoying sight all together, very unpleasant and noisy;
and there’s breadroll, pale and round, has stuff stuffed into him as if there was no tomorrow and day after tomorrow, in it goes, every morning, before he starts to count words;
and there’s me, rather modest creature, just want people to sit on me and say uhh it’s wet.
we are pretty good at reports though. i rest my case.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.