and around as in round and around we go

if i say now, said sponge, that’s it for the year it’ll be seen as one of those jokes one used to crack as a child: i shall not wash again for the yearshall not shave again for the year or mother not wanting to cook again in this year, jokes ill-perceived just one or two days later, but that’ll be it, it for the year and no joke.

around the corner

exactly, said sponge. he looked around the corner. i think it is safe now, he said.
do you think so, said breadroll.
that’s what i just said, said sponge.
you think you’re funny, said block of wood.
no, said sponge, i think it is safe now.
that’s what he said, said breadroll.
we should go, said sponge.
we should, said breadroll.
they looked around the corner. no sign of a motion ban, they thought. somebody let off and somebody else spat; these people stuck out and were reviewed but everyone else seemed to be in a perfect chain of movements. they decided to discuss it in the next meeting they would come across and had tea.
we should really go then, said block of wood.

around we go

and when the spectator looked again, the three were gone.
djkghdriu, he said, dkjfhdfdfrosx, qwerty.
the three had made a move around the corner.
so we did, said sponge.
breadroll and block of wood had nothing to say. they kept quiet. very good, excellent. as this is what happened we should call it a day.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.