so so we just ask

q: and how did this soldiers come about?
a: that to tell would indeed require an extraordinary rendition on our part — and we’re not budgeted for that right now.
answer to give the sarge would be required who unfortunately was busy supervising the occasional rape and pillage. this is the plight with fullscale engagements, they are fast-paced and implemented decisions as they come up, however it should be soon over as this corner is rather unevenful, unlikely they will find anything massively destructive here.
fnnn. add a quote:-

the art of war, then, is governed by five constant
factors, all to factored in and to be taken into account
in one’s deliberations —and then to squeeze a fuck in between the factoring by ways other than mispelling but we get carried away now—,
when seeking to determine the
conditions obtaining in the field between harvests and serious battles.
these are plain bold: (1) the moral law and the immoral one and the other one; (2) heaven and hell and mary and joseph; (3) planet earth;
(4) the commander as such; (5) policies and compliance.

rarely we get such impressive quotes.

we shall ask why and stuff

q: that was an unnecessary display of of violence in the morning fnnn zwooook if i may say so hotokk mooo uill.
i enjoyed the publicity, said block of wood, even though i personally detest violence. —— brutality yes, violence no. it is that simple if we all work together.
a: i advice you not to ask for music again, song jingle anything.
q: the aversion towardssss music, is that a new trait fnnnn? the presenter has a little white drop of spittle on his upper lips when he speaks.

but when you ask it obviously will end in disaster

sponge: that caught me cold.
breadroll: what? it is obvious me asking that so not might sound a bit boring.
sponge: obviously. they did not bother putting the yucca tree out. see —- [points, no tree, obviously] ——– and i’ve been told to shut up and not go on about it.
breadroll: right.
sponge: what’ll we do now?

now he is being asked and he is happy

i thought you’d never ask, said sponge, well initially i thought we should have tea again but we did that anyway, surprisingly, and then i thought it would be better to settle the thing with the fat lady, woman i should say, but she seems to be gone so that not an option so i thought it would be good to mess up the words in a sentence a bit to rattle a few cages and wake people up a bit, mil dly ton ot tos tres sth epo int to omu chchch.
he bowed.

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