apologies for that is what to say when attempting to apologise

what was that?
an apology, to apologise, apologies, i apologise. in general means apologize: defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning; “rationalise the child’s seemingly crazy behaviour but coming to the conclusion that it was just crazy behaviour”; “he rationalised his or hers”; but also: acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failings or blunders; “i apologised for being late”; “he apologised for the many lesser things in life”. that’s me, said sponge, any second now. but if we were to provide them with a detailed account of inconveniences caused, would they feel worse? the same? better?

last attempt

why don’t we kill 1 bird with 2 stones, said sponge.
that, said block of wood, still would leave us with the problem where to get stones.
as they are a maturity, said breadroll.
minority, said block of wood.
minority, said breadroll.
utilising them would, said block of wood, rather could result in racial tension.
let alone the ban on smoking , said breadroll.
exactly, said block of wood.
i see, said sponge, is there any coffee left?
plenty, said breadroll.

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