look back for the day

if we look back, said sponge, we wish we hadn’t done so.
too late now, said breadroll, it’s done now.

back to normal

and another whirls the dust, said sponge and folded the paper. egg in his face. named and shamed as a terrorist. extraordinary rendition, the works.
he shouldn’t have bought the cheap type of ruckskack, said breadroll, that made him suspicious. could you pass me the butter.
shall i spread it, said block of wood.
no, said breadroll, did they blow him up?
yep, said sponge, full blast. you can book it on pay-tv if you want.
nah, said breadroll, i’ll watch it when it’s out on the free channel.

push back

semaphore, said herr brekst, could be an option. as so many things can. shall i talk about flowers? maybe?
now he’s using it, said breadroll.
amazing sight, said block of wood, the things he does with it.
guys, said sponge, i hate to say this but we got to get moving on the project.
clear words, not open for interpretation, nothing to add (herr brekst). stuff it (breadroll) and move (block of wood).

back to roots

did you hear about the sheep, said sponge.
the goat, said breadroll.
of hell, said block of wood.
indeed, said sponge.
no, said breadroll, not a word.
that’s a shame, said sponge, would have been an excellent opportunity to learn about the sheep. our readers, so i believe, are dying to know all about it
in future turnips, parnips and suedes should be their subject, as they subsequently decided (although this decision had been made without any scheduled meeting and therefore is subject to change without notice).

backing and breaks

i’m back, the man said.
so you are, said sponge.
i told you i’ll be back, the man said, didn’t i?
no, you did not, said breadroll.
well, maybe not expressively, the man said.
[customer information: advertising city breaks, return procedures, recurring events and repeated payment holiday periods].
i’m always a little bit confused after commercial breaks, said sponge.
so am i, said block of wood.

back on target

breadroll, sponge and block of wood: on a bench again.
there’s got to be a meeting somewhere sometime.
i assume we know what we are waiting for, said block of wood.
we do said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.