balls were needed for a tart and bowels

she was rich, said breadroll.
yes, said sponge, but that’s over now.
way over, said breadroll.
we couldn’t go back ther, said sponge.
no, said breadroll, not possibly.

balls in a box here

falafel is not what it used to be, said sponge, much dearer than back then.
i used to stuff them inside me, said breadroll.
very fattening, the fat woman said. too much carbs, i’d watch it if i was you.

meet balls

to sit beside stem and stone in the meeting, breadroll had asked for after he replying to the meeting request.
to give them a good whack in the balls while shaking their hand had been blokk’s desire since 14th december 1999 and he occasionally and casually reminded his companions of that desire of his.
that he would meet them in the car where he was waiting, sponge said, and that they should not make a habit of it.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.