thank the beetle for being up a tree

there is quietness, said breadroll. we have to get to know each other.
no, said block of wood, i’m sidelined as it is and that’s because of my name. this is a little spring before a long winter. we skip summer. and autumn.
ahh, cheer up, said breadroll. there always has been talk that we might sodomise each other. as in: we. you wouldn’t want to witness or be be drawn into it.

to be a bug one has to be a beetle first

now look at this, said bread, bloody hell. i woke up and the roll was gone, would you believe? should i call the priest or the therapist or the gp or the police, so many options for help i don’t know where people would get an idea of despair from. just a metamorphosis that’s all.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.