a new day before you know it

a brief description of the scene’s static elements, followed a series of fnnnnnnns and …
q: but how do you do it? cohesive correlations of contra countercohesion seems to be a rather complex matter that you nonetheless master without problems at all.
a: that’s right.
q: our viewers certainly would be interested in that matter.
a: arent’t they always, the nosy buggers.
q: brown nosers.
a: curious cacs.
further description of the scene’s static elements as well as states of the dynamic ones.

we will drop it before we have to pull out

sponge says: whatever, should i care. sausage digested, no need for details.
block of wood had spent the last few episodes rattling gold chains and howlings yeas occationally; wearing a rucksack as a hunch.

others went before

shall we go, said sponge, motionless
let’s go, said breadroll. he does not move.
we can’t, said block of wood.
why not, said breadroll.
just because, said block of wood. besides, he said, others went before us and see where it got them. he pointed at the man.
motion ban, said sponge.
i see, said breadroll.
what, said sponge.
the man is closing up the sheep, said breadroll, fair enough i suppose. he has been here for quite a while.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.