1.) i feckin knew this moment would come, said sponge and was glad to have made a point. it makes all the difference, he said, all the diferrence and all the differennce as well. no matter how you spell it. it always will be the same. xsake.
nice ways of putting it, said sponge.
tea steamed. toast burned. the feast seemed to be prepared in the forefathers’ manner.
2. ) i think, said breadroll, — and that’s why i am on this chair indeed and not in this basket there on the table — that it was quite nifty of him to comment on his on remarks. truly astounding. astoun—ding. gosh how i do adore this word. astounding.
3.) i wasn’t finished, said sponge, not quite. or quire as you may type when you happen to be in a hurry; now go and shit yourself, you sissy.