funny dialogues between two or more people

look, it is like this, he said, we have to talk to people. go out there, do something.
funny you say that, breadroll said. he paused. always paused. he was the most difficult person to write dialogue for. must have been the drink. yes, he drank, like a sponge. sponge didn’t bother.
why, he said. we could have a meeting with the train people.  learn wregwsss or whatever they speak. train people have a sense of humour, we’ve got to be more like them, more positive, outgoing, involved. get into dialogue with the lot.
problem is, dialogue involves two people but when you catch one of them another one inevitably joins in.
there must be a way to involve more than two people in a dialogue.
it sort of only works in literature.
really? that’s just what people say, you know, a saying.

the bit between now and then

yes. a sudden. great now and in a sudden small and crushed. the sudden certainly makes the difference, said sponge. he also said, he didn’t think a phonecall would be necessary but that’s a different matter all together.

a quick encounter between dawn and morn

you’ve been away for a long time, said breadroll, a long time indeed. as if the repetition would add emphasis.
more for the rhythm, is it, said sponge.
would you leave again?
definitely, said sponge.

and now for some music in between today

today in lights of the day, i mentioned it earlier, we present sponge of breadroll, sponge and block of wood with our queries. but now for some music in between today.
[some music you can imagine]
tough, said breadroll, i’d love to show my bit now and say it.
that, said block of wood, would be. he leaves us guessing.

between cushion and pillow, who gives a toss

so, said sponge, you thought it should be a cushion and breadroll thought it was a hat.
that’s right, said block of wood.
and breadroll, said sponge, wanted it to be a pillow.
cushion, i think, yes, said block of wood.
that’s mad, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.