long big worded sentences

whatever metaphor we come up with, said sponge, it’ll pale in view of the obvious and strike fear into the heart of the uninitiated. herr brekst, back as back can be, was asleep, fast. he didn’t react. won’t react. said breadroll. never really does this day and time. i remember, i saw him doing it. if you can’t trust your eyes, said breadroll, how good is your memory. better i suppose. suppose not, said breadroll with a finishing gaze. oh fate, said sponge. big words were never their forte.

terror is a big a word as anything

but would we?
frozen with terror, should we let them terr’ists prevail? a big a question. a word has been thrown out there. sponge sit. breadroll stands.
we should be safe though, what should happen. the lad over there has a monobrow, does it make him suspicious? the other lads mumbles to himself? a brief prayer before action? thoughts of tearing the lad’s face off. dismissed thought, not good but a start. there should be a line of comfort. remining positive.

why not talk big during innovation and on-target demand

the spirit comes not down from above, or below, up then, said sponge, that spirit which is to purify our project, which with its iron besom is to purify the great sty of the department ultimately. pupupurify our essence. our precious fanatically.
and to do that is the task of our movement, said breadroll, the movement must not rust away at this corner, it must not spend itself in superfluous battles of words, but the banner with the white circle and the black dot will be hoisted over the whole of the project on the day which shall mark the liberation of us all.
nicely put, said sponge. i must rest now.

next big thing on screen

i hate to say that ,said sponge, everybody who knows me now that i would not make a lame joke if i didn’t have to, but that’s what i call a big thing on screen. — he points at a squashed flesh fly on the screen. see, i had too.

they are good at having a big mouth

some people are not good at anything, said breadroll, at least they try, although it sometimes would be better they they wouldn’t.
he held a candle for no apparent reason and was very aware of that fact.
a candle to remember things, he said. fat woman or fat lady, for example, man or mouse, with regard to episode featuring the former, lions led by donkeys, in case we do something in that area. as you see our future plans are vision-packed. we ourselves are viewer-focussed, and all that should please the audience.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.