the bit between now and then

yes. a sudden. great now and in a sudden small and crushed. the sudden certainly makes the difference, said sponge. he also said, he didn’t think a phonecall would be necessary but that’s a different matter all together.

a long good bye bit

we start again:
i shall leave, herr brekst said, now, as he had only made an appearance, the meter is running.
sponge asked to be taken to the next corner but his request was turn down. he tried to prolong his (herrn brekst’s) stay otherwise to no avail. herr brekst was gone again. that was quick.

bit by bit bye

i shall leave, said herr brekst, who had only called by to see how things were, now, and got into the waiting taxi. the meter is running.
sponge asked for a lift to the next corner but his request was turn down.

it was a bit over the top indeed

block of wood would not get away with it this time. all these good words now, none of them could change it. ——
an inquiry with a view of getting special consultants in at a later stage was launched to thoroughly investigate the matter before these consultants could be involved but after a shile everyone got very confused and the whole case was dropped. one agreed, however, to issue a stern warning.

finding a name is the hardest bit

saggapuss is a nice name, said breadroll and sniggered.
between sagga and saba’a is a mile of a difference, said sponge.
that’s true, said breadroll, as well as between sagga and sock.

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