bleak blocks of boredom

now look at this, said sponge, would you believe.
i would, said breadroll, if i looked.

bleak and blatant loitering

ahh. a new day. a new week. hard to beat.
there was a long pause when sponge realised that he and his crowd, all of them, were stuck at the same corner. it was the same, wasn’t it.  that was not certain.
we see, sponge’s optimism was somewhat inappropriate. —— they loitered. nothing happened. not much fun in loitering. loi loi loiloi loi loi loi chuck boom. they would not get famous this way-ay.

hope in the bleak country

tomorrow, the man said (not the man we were talking about), tomorrow, i heard, the government will be thinking about a new toilet. tomorrow.
i, too, have things to do tomorrow, said sponge.

bleak sun in pale sky

breadroll, sponge and block of wood idled in the hallway, no place to go, no thing to do, lingering like the bleak sun in the pale sky, the sun that does not care to appear.
all three exhaled noisily. all three took a deep breath.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.