from the book of sponge and others, take two

a reading from the book of sponge and others, really:
and the blitz had striken offally and left only one toilet intact but the people in offally did neither wail or gnashed their teeth. just nibbled off their neighbours’ backs and queued to deliver the fruit of their nibble. but while the meat was still between their teeth and before it could be consumed, the anger of the lot burned against the people, and struck them with a severe plague.
you have to start queuing while you chew and digest, otherwise you won’t get a seat, the man said, blame the government for it.
he’s not the man, said sponge. we have to keep waiting.
he’s not here, said breadroll, being negative about things.
be negative, said sponge, saves you disappointments.

from the book of sponge

a reading from the book of sponge.
and others, said breadroll. that’s us, said block of wood. that’s right, said sponge. we start again.

let us write the book of sponge

the book of what? not often have we seen breadroll so surprised. what do you want to do that for?
the same question was put to the man in the coffee shop who wanted to pay later. equally he knew no answer.

a book of wood

so we had tea and there was this bloke who had a piece of cake but i didn’t tell the others about it, i went and smashed his nose and took the cake all for myself. i don’t like cake. that not the problem. i don’t know what the problem might be. block of wood had finished the cake and looked around. where is everybody, he said. i should write a book about that. i have to wait and see. that could be a book, too.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.