balls in a box here

falafel is not what it used to be, said sponge, much dearer than back then.
i used to stuff them inside me, said breadroll.
very fattening, the fat woman said. too much carbs, i’d watch it if i was you.

thinking out of the box

is it delivered?
the whole box?
all our ideas, views and rare jokes in it?
think so.
great. where’s block of wood?
still there. he thought a blokk stint would scare them.
gfreat, said sponge, so tomorrow we shall be pleased to hear him say ‘i only threatened them for the sake of it, no bad intentions, no hard feelings’.

get the box file

now, said sponge to breadroll who had cornflakes instead of porridge, now: here’s the deal. you go over to the viewers’ association with this box file and the day that’s in it for review. they want to impose sanctions on us but first want to make sure we would be able to comply with them.

beat your nose until it looks like a box

this is the day when we are all fed up with each other, said breadroll, and beat each other up and down the road.
this tradition was founded by a geezer called stephen who was a dubious character who loved beers with the word crown in the name: king’s crown, crown castle, crown & down, etc-rown. he also loved other things but he never spoke about it. once or twice perhaps but not often.

breakout box

they say, we should break out of our our box as we are confined to the little episodes, as little or large as they are allocated, they say, herr brekst said, even though i am not too sure if large is the right word in this context. it may as well be lorge; or indeed bick.
block of wood was a grand chair or stool, as you like, but herr brekst, having said his line, still looked slightly forlorn.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.