brekst for breaks

arse, herr brekst said while block of wood — unaware of herrn brekst’s presence — was searching for a way to keep the conversation going, in any case, or should i say, anyway better than arsenic. that’s is a trivial insight. the little lad from next door said that. he is stupid but in his age it’s called cute. (long protracted silence). anyway. better than some things.
(repeat last line ad lib).

backing and breaks

i’m back, the man said.
so you are, said sponge.
i told you i’ll be back, the man said, didn’t i?
no, you did not, said breadroll.
well, maybe not expressively, the man said.
[customer information: advertising city breaks, return procedures, recurring events and repeated payment holiday periods].
i’m always a little bit confused after commercial breaks, said sponge.
so am i, said block of wood.

break for a pause

trullalulalallalu, i make poopoo what do you. a song is a way to start the day, hey.
how come he’s so happy, said block of wood.
it’s spreadsheet wednesday, said sponge, a charity thing. tea?
yes please.
so, any new about coming to terms with the words and stuff?
no. we need the spreadsheet otherwise and that’s all there is to it.
who placed the spreadsheet there so unevenly, said breadroll.
he did, said sponge.
he did, said block of wood.
i am going to bring this up in the next meeting, said breadroll, that’s not on and it puts me off. in a continuing effort to maximise our ability to grow and successfully meet the needs of our agenda, a spreadsheet must at all times be effectively organised and aligned with the breakfast tableplace.
we have tea on that, said block of wood.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.