three times british in a row

whoaw, said sponge, this time they’ll do it, britain for the cup. four times actually, in a row but not a queue
people do get that sense of humour, said breadroll.
couldn’t be bovver’d, said block of wood. now that we pinch a gag we drop it. this story goes nowhere mostly anyway actually.

be a brit for british sakes

for suck’s sake, let’s find a nibble that isn’t an alcopop, said sponge. a shop a shop, an empire for a shop.
lingering won’t help and loitering is frowned upon. burning puppets though is a valid expression of concern only in areas without running water and population enough to sustain the edition of a newspaper. so burning a puppet is out of question, they’d be done by by-laws.

british and what becomes of it

braddash braddash, said sponge.
that was about it, the highlight and climax of the day. breadroll did not do much, hardly anything, and neither did block of wood. all took a break. that did not ease the situation. herr brekst: zis doesn’t even call for a poem, does it. wohl, we could always burn a puppet. to express passion and anxiety.

plain old british

feck off. piss off. lead your outlets to propel you further. good british ways of telling some-one to farworse.
be it a truck or a trunk or a drunk, it’ll be the same. as in same. said sponge.
but having had a british meal, right in the traditional manner, he felt somewhat honoured. but still missed the shop. and not being famous.

sponge and breadroll do the british thing

ahh. and this is the second day, lasts a second or more, said sponge. that is some of the same i guess.
becoming famous was still part of the agenda although the agenda was part of the problem and part of the solution. famous. fame. being a celebrity. the second day around, harder to beat. more famous. if we don’t get these lines into the big picture we will become normal and cease to be famous. that sums it up tally-ho. i wish we were british; wouldn’t we be glad to be british? says sponge.
ahh well whatever, said breadroll who didn’t really care much about being british.
they watched a hedgehog being squashed by a british truck.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.