brutality must not be too courteous or it will fail to convince

and what’s the shop bit, said blokk. he whacked breadroll, he whacked sponge. they did not have teeth to be kicked out but butts to be smacked heavily. after the blood had dried up breadroll said, you know your asskicking is kinda gay, as in homosexual, you better beef that up a bit you know. whilst block of wood saw where breadroll was coming from he could not fathom what he was talking about.
sponge was unimpressed. a rather sleeky way of not getting my drift, he said.

brutality yes and no to violence

the man did not wipe the grin off his face. on the kisser, thought blokk but even he had to admit: people who feel uncomfortable sport a forced smile, it is that simple, and brutality won’t do the trick. it’s all about money. brutality yes, violence no, that’s the important thing; it is that simple i’ve been saying it all along. but that’s me.
the man did not move until his appointment arrived. he then got up. speedily as we observed, kissed hello, waved goodbye and left. ceased grinning as we just talk to each other, that simple. next thing to do. brutal.

more brutality you should say

can you hear me. blokk was in the shouting phase of his rage special. he know over the lamp. you can’t, bollocks.
we have to knock him off soon.
yes. it’s getting repetitive, said breadroll, how about a poem?
brekst? nah. we really should do something with …
let’s discuss it.
power meeting?
no. mower peating?
sounds good.

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