like a bull in a chinese shop

i feel dry, said breadroll with a sweet’n’sour smile.(wipe that grin, thought blokk off the record).
yes, all dry and dreary (lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise) but well sorted otherwise.
like puked milk, said blockk and jabbed a knife laden with lard into breadroll, a roar from tape to besound the lot.
we now cover up the orgy of brutality that we were glad to mention.

bull’s eye

here we are, said sponge, back on track, coming on strong, like a bull in the china shop.
indeed, said breadroll, an exciting something.
we should poke eachother in the eye, said blokk, to celebrate the event.
we do that then, said sponge.
is that it? goodgod, that’s a very short episode, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.