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here you are back again, said breadroll, did you go up?
no, said sponge, just behind you.
did notice that, i cannot say.
no you didn’t.
yes i didn’t.
i wonder if yes is right in this connection.
so do i. it is a world full of wonders out there, isn’t it.

herr brekst does not call by today anyway as it seems

the occasional man was hovering around the corner. not your normal one this time; this one sticks.
i’m anto, he says. he leans over. he taps sponge’s knee. hey, he says.
sponge stares east-west, breadroll the other ways.
block of wood doesn’t show any reaction. we are fine, i think, he says to himself.

change is hardest to come by

you’ve got to be nice, said sponge. a nice thing to say but an unsuitable start for a conversation as people think you want to ask for change.
nice day, any spare change on you. questions you don’t ask right in front of the bookies. next: to practise conversation.

bit by bit bye

i shall leave, said herr brekst, who had only called by to see how things were, now, and got into the waiting taxi. the meter is running.
sponge asked for a lift to the next corner but his request was turn down.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.