dada is cheese on breadroll for those who can afford it

it took a long time to be still not finished. we should have started to finish earlier. right after finishing preparations to discuss the next step or two. between meeting to form the committees and before the blustering speeches and long, long before the biting speeches, right after the initial throat clearing to, as a bare minimum, have the stage before the previous one finished but this way it’ll take some time to be at the planning stages.
i’m aiming to have tuna then, said sponge.

they cannot do that

something about sorry and apologies, said sponge, but it that it was essential and for our own safety and security.
well then, said breadroll, at least they are not soing it for fun.
no, said sponge, they don’t seem to have fun. but they said shortly.

can termites be terminated

i was thinking about insects lately, said sponge, spiders and stuff.
they’re no insects, said breadroll.
true, said sponge, i wasn’t focused.

kick a can instead

but we could stop that thing with the offally bombing now, said block of wood. yes, says breadroll and whiles a little bit longer. i wish i could quote a few figures he says, lingers. finally kicks an imaginary can.

but difference in shit can spell lucky

same corner, did we say same corner. yeah well, same corner that’s what it is. it is my superior believe that we didn’t move a bit, abit and therefore didn’t get very far, said sponge. he made a point and breadroll made a comma whereas block of wood resorted to a semicolon. to be half-wit sponge then said that making a colon would have been really shitty. none of these comments really furthered anything but luckily wasn’t supposed to do so anyway and thus wasn’t filed as failure.
lucky that.

entering into an agreement can be straight out

more brutality. less foetality. and we will come up with more hot hit words if needed. all you need to do is get your penis extended.
we’re not going to do that, said sponge, that would cause confusion.

tits as it can

by way of repetition a yucca tree came into display, a sadly lanky one, and a chair. no-one on it. no-one had bothered to appear. that’s what the man thought as well who had had coffee on his own now for his nineth year in a row. pretty sad bastard he was and had developed a few habits that would ensure that he’ll stay lonely for another while. no-one had botherd to appear.
breadroll with wild salmon, lime, spring onion, that’ll be a treat instead of a silly and sad story.

pff (for all i can say)

lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree.
as i said, said sponge. stopped. he hovered around a bit and then went off.
we are just as clueless as you are, perhaps, about what might have happened there.
pff = sound of sudden exhalation with lips closed as much as possible.

perhaps you can give me an update

and, said breadroll, you certainly heard something in that direction?
what do you mean, said sponge.
not the, said breadroll, other direction?
i think, said block of wood, he means because of your asymmetrical ears, because they are asymmetrical, it may have been some other direction, perhaps.
or a different direction, said breadroll.
i see, said sponge.
what about your eyes, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.