breadroll makes a point to which sponge agrees but block of wood misses the point but cannot be blamed for it

i once meet a man, said breadroll, who did a walk as in a few paces every single morning. or should we wait?
good point, said sponge, we are in win-win here. or lose-lose, for that matter. that just be discussed.
tea everyone, said block of wood. he didn’t say it. he expressed it. there was no tea.

can’t ya cunt

we were supposed to do it today, said sponge, meant to do it actually; but no, we can’t, not today.
just like that, said breadroll, hugged sponge and put on a grin.
highly uncouth. they meandered, cunningly. watch your steps, can’t you. they didn’t wait for an answer.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.