for a change

for a change. says sponge. that’s another thing. we wouldn’t touch that.
and that was it for the day really.

change is hardest to come by

you’ve got to be nice, said sponge. a nice thing to say but an unsuitable start for a conversation as people think you want to ask for change.
nice day, any spare change on you. questions you don’t ask right in front of the bookies. next: to practise conversation.

consistency to conclude and breakthrough without much change

there can’t be much left, said sponge. the man has not introduced himself, did he?
no, said btreadroll. we’re still waiting for something.
still waiting, said sponge. after all that.

just another definition will not change it

pronounced change of form and change of structure taking place within a comparatively short period of time otherwise known as a whiff, add of time as needed, as the changes undergone by an everyman in passing from the larval to the adult stage where he or she makes him- or indeed herself seen without warning. thus spoke sponge and he added that the roll should back indeed shortly.

to distract and change subject

yucca tree. morn, two chairs and jar. what the jars were for, block of wood inquired, al;as, the responsible person, the-1-2-tell, was having breakfast, so no avail of a conclusive answer until her brekst arrived, surprinsingly for all of us.
they are for later, he said.


it is so dark this morning, said block of wood, how come?
that’s the time change, said sponge, hole turned into peak.
alright, said block of wood, that’s phantastic.
sponge stared at the wall. so did the others.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.