subject to conditions

conditions. what conditions? what did he say? sponge in want of answers and none to come. will he?
that line, as it stands, could be right out of a novel but it ain’t. not even a story. just a sentence, a line. zip. not a novel. will he? what? and who is ‘he’ anyway. sponge would owe us a few answers, whether we get them is another question. we should go for a drink, and leave that punk here, that fungus guy. i’ll buy you one.
these things keep happening. people break into a story and ruin it. the story is over by the time they are gone.

t & c

terms and conditions, said sponge, as and-slash-or if applicable, apply. naturally. comply.
that is usually the case, said breadroll, or at least almost always. most of the time.
something gave sponge the impression that a productive conversation would not take place today. he told the others about his impression. anything special on the agenda, he said, going forward?
only tomorrow, said block of wood, but we should be able to postpone that until the next day.
they had tea.

conditioned space

o dear, the report, said breadroll, is it that time of the day again.
i’m afraid …, said sponge.
so am i, said block of wood.
it is, said sponge.
indeed, said block of wood.
o dear, said breadroll, and all that with this big huge unresolved issue on our backs.
ah, forget about the flakes will you, said sponge, they’re harmless. twas just a scare after all. let’s hurry now.
three walked down the road in order to consume conditioned air.
(this is so stupid, said sponge.)

© the Book of Sponge and Others.