when counting on people for consistency and repetition

not much use with these people, quite useless as a population, barely suited for genocide, we might get a decent mass murder out of them though.
says sponge in reply to breadroll’s remark one should knock down a corner or two and commit a few atrocities after all this would draw crowds, just look how popular everything is with hitler and the nazis in it —and ends the discussion.

consistency to conclude and breakthrough without much change

there can’t be much left, said sponge. the man has not introduced himself, did he?
no, said btreadroll. we’re still waiting for something.
still waiting, said sponge. after all that.


shane, the sun is shining or shone, should you see fit to consult the window. puss willow had decided not to talk to the chair again but found it difficult to follow his decision through.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.