content of a lenghty discussion

so much to say, and so little time, said sponge. he said nothing after that although he had the entire day to come up with something. so it goes, said breadroll, other people make old ladies jump out of windows with the stuff they come up with, and you? is there an old lady, said sponge, and these windows cannot be opened. health and safety. i see. but you see windows around here. no. there are some, but too low. would look silly to jump out. once an old lady tried to climb over the wall of a compartment in a public toilet. she had to be rescued. old ladies should stick with windows.

content is a fragile flower

we are moving. that is what counts. it is a stupid saying but nonetheless a saying and our activities will follow suit. said sponge. who else.
they passed corners. we shouldn’t, said breadroll, pass corners. why not — he did not specify further.
that is exactly the problem with this story: nobody cares to care —— story comes from storage and storage is empty without content.
content should be patented.

we are content so far

actually, said sponge and appeared stern, actually the waiting bit is not scheduled and we are actually not waiting for anything at all; officially — a semicolon is a way to avoid a new sentence.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.