corner shop corner

tweed tweed. — corner corner. — tweed tweed.
what a lousy shop that. blokk brains the owner robs his lunch does give a hootin hell. the rather decent looking man on the train was the murderer after all we must say it like that the hootin hell attitude takes its toll. anyway, one shop less and the economy is still florishing. who would call doom?
what a lousy shop says sponge and breadroll and it should be set on fire ut that has been done already. tweed shop.

sponging corners will not work

what if we all sat peacefully together, said sponge. he waited.
that is reporting an internal process. we know how difficult that can be; shall i sing it ——> (makeshift melody): wHat i’hIf wee All sa’Tah ha- peAcefuLly tOgEthAah; but again: we know it does not work that way. he might not have intended to mean it that way, though; although we shouldn’t have phrased it so harshly.

another day another corner

sponge tried to make it a day but no avail. we skip that, he says but of course nobody hears. we coukld go to the shop if there was one; and how much fun we would have in the mall.

around the corner

exactly, said sponge. he looked around the corner. i think it is safe now, he said.
do you think so, said breadroll.
that’s what i just said, said sponge.
you think you’re funny, said block of wood.
no, said sponge, i think it is safe now.
that’s what he said, said breadroll.
we should go, said sponge.
we should, said breadroll.
they looked around the corner. no sign of a motion ban, they thought. somebody let off and somebody else spat; these people stuck out and were reviewed but everyone else seemed to be in a perfect chain of movements. they decided to discuss it in the next meeting they would come across and had tea.
we should really go then, said block of wood.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.