we could do with some music

we could do with some music. we really could, says sponge. people are entertained, have a life. go into property. they go out again. going into properties the lot.
we are doing that, said breadroll.
not enough, said sponge, gong into property is something of a process, you don’t just walk in. there’s a strong spiritual side to it. some people just rush in and out of a property.
we could sell that idea, said breadroll. we could do with some music for a start.

or something else we could say

something, said breadroll, something. something in her reminded me of something, made me think not only of but ooof her and was not her well-stuffed purse for she was naked.
naked, said sponge, as in stark?
as in buck. yes.

good if you could

nah neither today we can’t errr, couldn’t, said sponge, if we wanted to. honestly, couldn’t if you’d paid us.
it was a fine morning, the sun hidden behind clouds, hence not too bright, no birds screaming either, a nice and pale grey morning; all set for an episode.
impossible, said breadroll, could not bring myself to do it. neither could block of wood; isn’t that right?
correct, said block of wood.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.