stand up and be counted

here’s the thing: the day has started without delay or complications and is expected to be brought to an end only in the very last minute, give or take a few moments. that is as much as sponge can reveal at this stage. we could say more, says breadroll, but there are rules and regulations. then again that’s just my opinion. there may be other views. within the acceptable limits. there’s also a chair, but we’re not allowed to sit, today.
charity, says sponge.

an agenda to count on

where should we go now, said breadroll.
let’s see, said sponge. after a while: we had this corner and the other, that corner, the pointy one and the one in need of repairs. but there always another one.
there is always one, said block of wood agreeingly.
shall we go then, said breadroll.
they went.


now. we count, said sponge, one. that’s it.
two, said breadroll.
tee, said block of wood.
good work, excellent, said sponge, we work on it a bit, some minor points, and then send it off. but for now, we ought to dribble.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.