for criticism only will not do

we’ve got to go somewhere, said sponge.
pity we’re not celebrities, said breadroll, we could read in the papers how well we are doing.
pity, said sponge.
the station stretched from there to the very back, the platform that is, the actual station was spanning over platform and tracks, gun emplacements approved by the council. they would need if if a riotuos is introduced.

i will not sustain criticism

things got even more difficult, said sponge, you know, with us on the move, jolly moving as we are.
we are about to stop, said breadroll.
no we are not, said sponge, i will not err what’s the word …
sustain, said breadroll.


not his best, said sponge.
not at all.
herr brekst: breadroll?
breadroll: herr brekst?
silence. one way or another to end a story.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.