another cup of coffee for i go

i’m off, said someone and did really get up and went. someone had offered him another cup of tea but he said he wanted coffee as he was going. not a good reason for a coffee. someone wanted to bring a cup of coffee but the other didn’t want to wait. i’ll be rushing, someone said and was off. he just went without a cup of coffee or a goodbye. such was the rush that he didn’t finish his tea. he had ordered a beer, not tea. the waitress had got it wrong and brought a rhum instead to apologise, that was policy. all a bit confusing. sponge had not been there and couldn’t quite remember.

placing a cuppa on a table

here you go, said breadroll, some bisquits?
no thanks, said block of wood, we have to do this more often.
we do, don’t we, said breadroll.
that is about all there can be said about serving tea.


what’s up.
i’m searching for a tea cup.
what for?
to pour tea into it.
who approved that?
sponge assumed the look of pride. that was me, in case you asked.
breadroll had asked and appreciated the answer. block of wood was happy having found an innovative cup that would hold a little more than the norm.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.