and cut again

these soldiers must have been the in-crowd, said sponge, a jolly bunch, and made me feel safe, that’s for sure.
and cut, said breadroll.
what do you mean, said sponge.
as in stop, said breadroll, i must stop you here.
i see, said sponge.

all in a sudden a budget cut

we have to lose someone, said breadroll, needs must you see.
lose, said sponge and drew a question mark in the air to mark his remark’s inquisitive nature. as in lose the hat?
as in, said breadroll or the grin. then again, they tend to say, wipe the grin off a bodypart, englishmen do.
i could stab you and butter you, maybe there is jam in the fridge, said block of wood, ram the knife and be blokk once again, just like the ool days.
you mean traditional, said sponge, but that’s cancelled; cultural references have to be neutral and ambigious.
and we’re all on a diet, said breadroll, remember?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.